Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Farm News

After working with the Kicking Bear Event last summer, both Wayne and Brandon invested in gear for bow hunting.  Here they are!!  Bow season for deer starts a lot earlier, so they've had many weekends to hunt.

Our Sammy knows a pretty girl when he sees one.  He is a little intimidating!  Mostly his size.  He doesn't know that he isn't a dog.

Here he is at the house...begging for peppermints or letting me know that his pail of water really isn't as fresh as he likes.

And here's Brandon's first deer.  In our area we have way too many deer and besides the damage they can do to vehicles, they can do a lot of damage on corn fields.  As you can see, Brandon is pretty proud!  I think Grandpa was just as proud of him!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sights of Fall

Fall is by far my favorite season!  The colors, the crisp air, the harvesting...   Here's bounty from out garden.  A week or so later we went out there and found about 7 more!  And we've been giving them away ever since!!

This gives you an idea of the size of this whopper!

After baking and cooling....about a 4 hour process...I vacuum pack them in quart bags. 

Stopped in Preston Sunday and picked up 1/2 bushel of Cortland apples to make applesauce.

Another sign of fall is the traditional decorating (in the middle of the night) the Senior boy's cars....

and toilet papering their yard!  I can't imagine giggly girls being so quiet that they didn't wake anyone!  Not even the dogs!!

And of course...bringing in the field crops.  They were able to start Labor Day...yes, Labor Day and finished beans on the 29th of September and should finish the corn this week!  Amazing.  Most of the corn has been dry enough that they don't have to dry it!  We are so blessed.  Normal years they would just be getting started!  Wayne says he's looking forward to being able to enjoy some fall days without sitting in a combine!