Friday, July 29, 2011

Herding Cats

It actually happens!  Please note the dog helping with the herding. have to have a herd to start with.

This was a photo op...Wayne usually feeds them inside the nursery.

The next batch to train to herd.

Give aways..any size...color.   Replaceable if any meet a sudden demise!  Wild as all get out!   Jolyn

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hartwick Larson

Our landlord for over 30 years, Hartwick Larson, died Sunday, July 24th at the age of 101.  At that age you picture someone infirm, not knowing or remembering much and out of touch.  Not Hartwick...his memory was sharp and his sense of humor was intact.  He loved to visit and especially reminisce of the many stories of his past.  He could remember things back when he was a pre-schooler.  It was always a joy to visit him and listen to his stories.  He was always positive and upbeat.  He had friends...old and young.  If you stayed long enough...he taught you how to play Rumi-cube.  His life wasn't all easy...he lost his wife after almost 72 years of marriage.  He was allergic to a number of pain killers and had to go through root canal surgery without Novocain.   (me...I like a painkiller just  to clean my teeth).  
As I've been thinking of him this past week as he lay in the hospital and now after he's gone...I thought of how all of our lives pass so quickly.
   We can see our life in the example of the birds...  First there are the love much in love and ready to tackle life together.   Then the nesting birds where they are so very very busy with building nests and caring for their young ones.  Then there is that time when they're free of those cares and it's time to migrate.  And at last the tired and wounded birds.  I think right now at my age I sort of fit the last stage...mostly tired.  Speaking for myself, I enjoyed those first stages and don't really relish this last stage...but there is no fountain of youth and no turning back. 
   It really begins to refine our Jesus real?  ...are His promises true?  ...can we really trust Him?  Now, more than every, these things need to be iron-clad in our minds.  If we're still breathing...there's time.  Let the hope of knowing and trusting Jesus give you peace no matter what stage you're in.      Jolyn

It's So Hot....

A while ago I posted on facebook this statement:  It's so hot in Minnesota.... and got lots of fun replys!       ---Ole melted when Lena kissed him.     ---that I want it to snow again. (that statement we might come to regret)   ---even the mosquitoes turned on the A/C.    ---that the snowbanks finally melted.   ---two trees were fighting over a dog.   ---you can eat anything you want at the county fair and you will sweat off the pounds. (true)   ---all the chocolate I had in my purse melted.   ---we do all our cooking outdoors...without the use of a stove or grill.     And my favorite.......It's so hot in Minnesota that the house even sweats!  (see pictures)

Hope it's cool where you are!     Jolyn

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heat Wave

Minnesota has been in a heat wave...going on the second week.  If the temperature isn't bad enough, the humidity just about knocks you over.  It's like trying to walk in chest high water.  Wears a person out.  Course, last week was our county fair during this miserable seige.

Most animals hibernate during the winter...not Trooper, he hibernates under the porch during the summer.  In the winter he lays in a chair on the porch or rolls in the snow or acts like a puppy out enjoying himself. 

Another product of our heat and humidity.  Notice the mosquito to get an idea of the size of this....whatever it was.  It was guarding our front door and it worked...I went out another door.

My little flower bed seems to do ok.  Course... I don't know if I have the right to call it "mine" as Jill planted it and Wayne weeded it.  I watered it a couple of times.

And I wish I knew what kind of flower this is as usually by this time I've almost killed our hanging plants.  This one likes me!              Jolyn

Monday, July 25, 2011

Last of Kicking Bear

Everyone seems to love a bonfire at the end of the day.  Especially after an exhausting marshmallow fight.  My thoughts were on..will these stains wash out?

The next morning Ray gave the training for the helpers and then the kids on shooting safely. 

Around the perimeter of the camp were the targets.  After the kids and adult divided into small groups...they worked their way around to each target.

We had lots of wonderful volunteers.  Not pictured, but necessary, were those carrying the mosquito spray!  Those little critters were hungry after all the rain!!

And of course...eating again.  The camp has a climbing wall and a rope slide, but the heat was taking it's tole on me so didn't head down there for pictures.  The event was officially over, but the camp encouraged the kids to try different things.  They also have  miniature golf and lots of acres to just meander.  This fall they will have their annual corn maze.  They do an amazing ministry there.  This summer they put up some new cabins so can house more  people.  All just a few miles north of Bricelyn.    Jolyn

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kicking Bear Conclusion

Back to Kicking Bear.  I always admire people who can get group games going.  Everyone was so willing to participate.  Notice...not just little kids.  We had over 75 kids register for the weekend!  We had hoped we could get at least 50!  That doesn't include the parents, mentors, youth and adult helpers and camp personal!  Did make it interesting planning the food!

Hay..they were already half soaked from the rain and puddles!  What's a little more water?

Always hoping the next person gets the splash!

You just know what's going to happen!

Oh yes, the tug of war!  Ranae (the camp director) got the girls all pumped up and they won the first pull.

But, the guys rallied and won the next one.

They did have extra help!  Ray is a World class weight lifter and an archery trophy hunter.  The Saturday event was focused on all the kids learning and shooting  arrows at a dozen targets set up around the boundaries of the camp.

Like I said--not just the little kids got into it!  And when the big kids are doing it....just more fun!!

For this one, the bigger kids looked for little kids.

Towards sunset we gathered by a huge bonfire. 

Tim and Taylor led some fun singing.  You know...Noah built an arkie, arkie....

This kid was clean compared to some of them!

Ray shared his story of his father leaving home to never return, getting into trouble, getting into outdoor hunting, starting his own business and then finally yielding to the call of Jesus on his life.  The kids were such good listeners!

Know this is a blur....but the moment was a blur.  The adults had been handed bags of marshmallows (40 bags in all).  Ray said it was a marshmallow roast....but just in case a marshmallow war broke out...there were rules.
1-No throwing at the face. ( I got nailed right in the middle of my forehead!)
2-No making clumps of marshmallows.
3-No eating of marshmallows after they had been on the if that was a problem...after they hit the wet ground once...they were covered with grass and dirt and after twice hitting the ground...they were getting slimy!  The two pastors there really got plastered.  It's surprising the marks a dirty marshmallow can make.  The one pastor described himself as looking like a large dalmatian!  It was good dirty fun!  I could even be enticed to do it again!  Hey...I'm not that old!     Jolyn 
Now that I think about it...the adults had the bags of marshmallows and fired the first shots. Whoa!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And it Rained!!

For months and months we have been planning this Kicking Bear outreach to kids as a part of our church's 150th Anniversary.  Our committees were prepped, food was brought in, the gifts were secured, games arranged......and it rained. 

We're not talking your ordinary Minnesota rain...we're talking 5 1/2" in just a short time.  Yes, it changed a few things.

For instance...the kids now had water (and mud) to play in!  It actually made it all more fun.  It also dropped the temperature almost 20 degrees making it much more comfortable!  Can I say--everyone (kids and us oldies) had a ball!!

There were no restraints!  They were wet anyway.

Kick ball was more fun with water and mud to slide through.

The guy in the sleeveless shirt and cap is Ray Howell, leader and founder of Kicking Bear.  I think he really was a kid in disguise as he initiated a lot of the fun.

Lots of food.  This was all held at Prairie River Camp (a youth for Christ camp)  north of Bricelyn.  I like their "rules"... ladies first. 

This was my favorite part...crushing the Doritos for walking tacos.  A new experience for me. (I've led a sheltered life)   More on Kicking Bear tomorrow or the next day.  This week is our county fair.  It is unbearably hot... the humidity is high... attendance is low... and you can eat anything you want as you will sweat off the pounds while there. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

No Pictures

  There will be no pictures for this post.  It is just too gross....  Kelsey and Karen and boys left Sunday evening and we settled in by ourselves...Wayne happy with my book (I was on the second book by this time) on the deck.  Around sunset the neighbors built a campfire and we decided to wander over and make ourselves at home.  They had a beautiful golden lab who was gentle and friendly and so petable. (I petted her much.)  The neighbors asked us to join them in making s'mores.  I prefer my marshmallows pure without chocolate or graham crackers.  And these were those supersized marshmallows! Mmmm.  The way I really really like to consume them is to toast them brown, pull off the outer part, eat it, roast the rest until brown, consume, etc.  After doing this several times my fingers were quite (actually very!!) sticky.  Dilemma!  I had patted the dog....remember.  But what was I to do with my sticky mess.  So I did the neighborly thing...I licked them.    He was a nice dog and he was a house dog and what's a little dog hair with your marshmallow....yuck!!!  I refuse to sign my name to this one.

Lake Living

Here's a pre-sunset view of the lake from Kelsey and Karen's cabin.  It's a small and very quiet lake and lots of good fishing and no, I'm not going to tell you what lake as you all will come and catch all the fish...not that I like eating fish...but my guys do like catching them.

Kelsey on the left, Tanner in the middle and Logan.  You will note... I'm not on the boat as I would be saying...boys you better sit don't have on life preservers...are you really going to do that to that worm!!!  No...they know to leave me on the deck happy with my book. 

Tanner and Logan with their catches.  There will be no pictures of Kelsey cleaning any fish...not that he didn't...but I stayed with my book.

Karen had taken their jet ski out and as Baily really loves to go in the boat, she decided to give her a try on this.  She loved it and took to it like a pro.  I wasn't along to life preserver....that's why they leave me home on the deck with my book.

Here's Baily in all her cutesomeness. 

And here's Wayne with a self-portrait of he and one of his many catches.  I'm on the deck.....never mind.           Jolyn

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What is the one thing you would hate to leave at home when going on vacation?  No...I remembered my quilting projects (never touched them)...had extra books (finished one and started another)...Wayne....I'd never forget him!  He does all the driving...etc.

I forgot my purse...with my camera!  I couldn't believe it!  We were an hour down the road and I kept looking in the back...but no purse.  Thankfully I had thrown my pills in my overnight bag...I usually put them in my purse.

But what I was missing was my driver's card...check book.  How much fun is it to go shopping and have none of those things!!!  Wayne was good to me and gave me money and even happened in the quilt shop and paid with credit card my one purchase.

But I couldn't drive myself to any where...I think I would be labeled...dependent...or scatterbrained...or just plain forgetful.

So...what is it with these pictures?  Well the other thing I missed from my purse was my own camera.  All the pictures were taken with Wayne's no quilts or quilt shop pictures....but lucky guy did find a fly-in breakfast with all these wonderful cars and planes...while I was mostly gazing at the Back Porch Quilt Shop in Detroit Lakes.  Jolyn