Monday, October 31, 2011

Company's Coming

Horse on the loose!  Here's Sammy checking out what I'm doing.  Wayne came in laughing one day.  Usually when he goes out to do chores, Sammy spots him and walk right beside him to get his favorite pellets.  But on this one particular morning...Sammy didn't show up.  It was still dark so Wayne took the pellets towards the east pen and then noticed Sammy in the west pen.  Wayne went over there into the pen.  Sammy would follow him until they would get to where the gate was supposed to be and stop.  To Sammy there was an imaginary gate and he would just not cross that line.  He did figure it out later...but it did give Wayne a good chuckle.

Tyler and Phoebe(isn't she just the cutest!)  came down from the cities with Bryce and helped surprise Shawn for his birthday party.  Before they came down, Tyler played in a football game against Macalester College.  Augies won! Next week they play at St Peter and I get to go!  Instead of yelling at the computor (the games have been on there)....I can yell in person!!   Blue Earth Bucs also won against St. James on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I like these day games....not quite so cold!  And to make the weekend complete...the Gophers beat some team from Iowa and the VIKINGS won!

Bryce and Brandon (not twins).  Brandon is doing his thumb exercises.

The birthday boy.

And all too soon it's time to go home.  From the left...Suzanne, Phoebe, Tyler, Wayne and Brandon.  So much fun to get together with family!  We are so blessed!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Make Your Mother Cry!

Shawn walked in this afternoon and handed me this and said "Happy Labor Day"!  49 years ago...and still a keeper!
Thanks Shawn....Mom

God's Gold

This is a scene I usually try to avoid as it happens way too early for me.  But on occasion I do spot it.  I was up canning apples and noticed how beautiful the sunrise was so about every fifteen minutes I went to the sewing room door and took these pictures.

One grandson said I should have done it all day long. Sure....

God's gold!
Morning blessings to all of you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Last but not Least

Finishing up the last of the pictures from last Monday night's meeting.

This was Jan's birthday gift for their two year old grandson.

Felecia is taking place mat classes and this is the last one they made...playing with thread.

A much loved antique quilt.

The colors aren't quite true in this picture as the background for this one and the next was bright orange.

Even the backs of quilts can be fun!

Jacque showed a number of cute panels that she added borders to.

Jude is making quilts for Alzheimer's research...all less than 12" square. 
Want to see more??? You gotta be there...I don't even get pictures of every one's quilts!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Meet Again!

The second Monday of each month (with the exception of Dec and July) the Blue Earth Valley Quilters meet at the high school.  It is growing each month!  Show and Tell is always a high light...gets us all inspired! 

Wendy showed lots of things that she's made...hey...I made one of those pumpkin recipe thingies...where ... oh ...where is it?

Following the tradition of making use of what you've got, Barb used men's ties to make these great purses!  We really shouldn't throw anything away!! 

Wendy used crayolas to do some shading on this wall hanging.

After finishing quilting a "ten year" quilt, Sharon is starting a smaller project...but lots of little pieces!

But just to show she does do some quicker projects...a place mat in a day! 

Guess who showing what can be done with leftovers. 

A new Island Sunrise for our daughter...

and the one she is trading in.

This braid was fun to make, but lots of bias to stretch.  One of those quilts you want to keep waving so no one can see how bad it really is.  Will it lay flat???  And there will be more...

ps-something to put on your calender...November 21 is our "Cash for Trash" event...or better known as a way of getting rid of our unwanted stash stuff.  All money is given towards our Expo.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The New Thing

And here we are!  I can tell you're excited!  I had seen on Jo's Country Junction blog that she was making Bread in a Jar and it intrigued me!  So yesterday I tried the pumpkin bread.  It was kind of messy getting the dough into the jars.  After they were done baking I boiled some lids and put them on and they sealed....except for the one that I had to eat...somebody had to sample them!  Story is that they will keep on the shelf for up to a year.  I'm not so trusty...I'm keeping mine in the garage refrigerator and I don't think they will last that long.  I want to check with the Extension office before putting them on the shelf.  Will I do it again...I think so...makes kind of a fun gift too. 

Sammie....looking innocent in spite of the turned over bird bath.  Wayne let him out yesterday as he's run out of grass in the pasture. He does make a better guard-dog than Trooper!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Love Mondays!

I really do love Mondays!  Love to start the work week and always have a long list of things to do.  I especially love this Monday as I feel GOOD!!  After a week of a nasty head cold where I only felt like I was living until my next time to take Tylenol and when can I take a nap and put the blanket over my head!  Up today at 5:30 and ready to go!!  Knew I was better yesterday when I only took one nap.  Course... it was almost 2 hours long, but that still was an improvement! 
These pictures are from the week before.  Still getting tomatoes as we haven't had that hard frost yet.  Saturday I went out and picked two bags full....actually the first ones from our garden patch.  Lots of big green ones out there and finally....some red ones.  My plan today is to freeze some.

My jars ready for canning!  Got to love my dishwasher when it comes to canning.  I need to tell it that more often.

Last year I went to an apple orchard and got apples, but this year our local grocery store had a good deal and I picked up 6    4 1/2# bags.

Ah...the finished product.  Also made two apple crisps and froze a bunch for apple crisps!  Love how my vacum pac keeps them so nice!

Found these in the weed patch garden.    I just baked them...

put them in bags and sealed them and they are ready just for heating up!  So easy!  Today I'm off on a new adventure.  Of course I'm not going to tell case it's a flop.  Will tell you tomorrow.  Guys are busy in the corn.  One field was down so bad because of the high winds in the past so there is a lot of corn laying on the ground.  That's always hard to see.  But we are so thankful for the continuing good weather and the good crops out there.  What's on your schedule today?  I might even sneak in a little quilting!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Wayne!!

Today Wayne turns as old as I am!  What a relief!  It's not easy being older than my husband.  Not that he would ever rib me about it.  Neither one of us feel like we're 70 years old, but the calender does not lie.  Almost every birthday since he turned 16, he's spent in the field. 

Last week the high winds turned the bean fields into a dust storm.  We were headed north with the wind behind us.  You can just barely see our building site in the upper right hand corner.  It was difficult seeing where we were in the field.

Here's the birthday boy.  Today he's in the corn fields having finished the beans yesterday.  Busy time around our neck of the woods.

I'm hoping you think I'm driving the combine.  Well, actually I am....but just from the end of the field over to the truck.  I was not combining. 

Here's Wayne unloading into the truck.  Getting the beans out is always a relief as they need such good weather conditions.  With the week of high winds and no rain, much of the crop was actually too dry.  Looks like the corn will be dry enough without having to run through the drier.  Time will tell. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Help in the Kitchen

Wayne's niece came over late one afternoon and to "entertain" her...we cooked.  She is good help and we had lots of fun.  And of course, I can't remember how old Destiny is...but must be about 4th or 5th grade.  We even wrote out the recipes so she could make it at home.  She told her Mom she brought home the "formulas."  Destiny is Miss Hospitality!  You can always count on her for a smile and a hug. 

But she didn't tell me she didn't like peas!  But I'm used to sorting food...I don't like anything green but peas!  No...not lettuce...cabbage...broccoli.....they're all green!!