Friday, June 29, 2012

$$$ Incentive

Yes...the porch needs painting!!

Money is such a good incentive!

For everyone!

Soooo...they came...

They saw...

They painted...

And painted...

And painted...

And then they celebrated!!!  (And doesn't the porch...and other things...look so much nicer!! )

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Master Quilter

At our last Blue Earth Area Quilters meeting we had the privilege of seeing quilts made by a master quilter!

Now I had these all in order...but my computer decided it preferred them another way...

This is made of 1" finished squares! 

Here's our quilter...Lyn Hilgendorf!

And this was her FIRST quilt!!

She decided to try paper piecing...

Her watercolors are amazing!!

We usually don't have a guest speaker but Wow!! were we in for a treat  with Lyn!!  Notice I didn't provide names for any of the quilts...I was too busy drooling!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Additional Quilts

Barb has retired and is fired up for sewing!  Here's a vintage bag...

two wonky pillows...

and a spring table the shirt she's wearing!

Corrine showing one of her finds from the Trash to Cash event.  It's amazing how someone can have something in their stash for years and decide they either won't ever get it done or don't care for it any more and someone else buys it and here it is!

Here she took a boughten bag and livened it up with a panel!  Creative juices flow in our group!!

Sharon showed a crazy quilt her grandmother had made.

By the shoes...I think this is Sharon again showing a quilt.

Cele made this tablerunner and placemats for Easton's Friendship Days.
And more is yet to stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Inspiration

The Blue Earth Valley Quilters met Monday night and we were treated to lots of inspiration!  Mike had entered this in the State show challenge.  The fabric furnished was the "newspaper print" in the center.  Also in the kit was a marker...his was green.  So he had fun incorporating the Green Giant that stands near the local DQ.  He got an honorable mention...which is very good because there were lots of entries!

Jude showed a couple more donation quilts she is working on.

Tracy had picked this up at the State show and colored the blocks.

Linda was on a roll again.  Here's a Country Threads pattern done in Civil War fabric.

A woolie she had picked up at Calico Hutch.

She had gotten this project ready to work on during her trip to Michigan...but got so enthused about it that she ended up doing all the hand work and now has to get another project ready.

Jan made this from hand-dyed fabrics.  It was so rich looking.  Fun choice of a pattern.  There were lots more....but that's for another day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Man in His Field

Another week!  It's amazing how the corn has grown!  We've only gotten .25 to .5 inches of rain at a time so this is even more amazing!  Stay tuned for next week!

We got to baby sit the other day with our youth director's kids.  They are so cute...and so busy!!!  They call Wayne...Mr. Wayne and I'm Wayne's Mommy...hmmmm...   We went outside after supper and "tried" to keep up with them.  They had great fun turning over rocks and looking for worms.  The prince then showed us how long you could stretch one!  The worm wasn't impressed.

The best entertainment turned out to be this pail of water.  The Princess decided to make "Dog Soup".  They added sticks and stones (lots of them) and mud and flowers and weeds and more sticks and grass and anything that would move.  Sorry to say...the dog wasn't real interested...
ps...someone asked me if I was tired when they went home...nope...I was exhausted!!!  Good thing God gives babies to young ones!!!  We can enjoy them and then send them home!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun Times

Tanner just graduated from NDSU this spring and drove down for a long weekend.  What a treasure when grand kids come!  He and Bryce, Taylor and Brandon came over one evening and we sat on the porch visiting.  I had baked rye bread that day, so pretty soon we would hear the electric knife going as one by one they wandered in and polished off a loaf and a half.  Memories!

It was too hot for me to attend, but Wayne went over to Shawn's for the annual Blast's (Jr High youth) Mess Fest!  It is a food frenzy designed with making the kids get down and messy!!  Here they were playing a game of sticky Twister.

Don't you just want to jump in??

I think they were making their "pizza".

Makes the mouth drool...NOT!!!  The pizza sauce was tomatoes crushed with their hands and I'm a little afraid to know what the rest was...but they could earn points by eating a big bite......and swallowing it!  The kids always have fun and I think the adults have fun thinking up messy stuff for them to do!  Seems like last year I heard something about lutefisk being involved.   Have to keep up our Norwegian heritage!
They do have eatable food afterwards!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cities Trip

We had to make a trip to the cities for parts.  No this isn't the part...this is the bonus...seeing family while we're there.  Bought Miss Vivvi a few a microscope...she was examining everything. Here she has her little pail full of old bread to go feed the neighbor's chickens. Yes they live in the cities...but chickens are legal and they provide lots of entertainment for this little one.

They seem to know her...and that she comes bearing food.

Note Spok alertly watching for any bread that didn't make it into the pen.  Vivvi's not afraid to pick up the chickens...but feeding them can cause getting pecked.  So she would hold out the bread about 6" from the fence and say "peck..peck..peck".

You've met here's Teddy...the wonder Dog.  You always wonder what he's up to. Comment about him is "What is he?"  He's even been called a wombat.  Mostly he silently goes through life trying not to cause too much attention There's been talk of retiring him to the farm...but not sure he's cut out for the duties of a farm dog.

Bubbles are so much fun.  Vivvi didn't get the hang of waving the wand, but loved "blowing"!

Oh yes, the watering can...watered flowers, the deck, great-grandma, and her toys...but when she got water on her clothes...then she was upset.

Here's Daddy helping her.

Uncle Ty with his work tools...flashers... or whatever they're called that he uses at work for the airport. 
Should have taken a picture of the meal Janeen made...she is such a good cook and not like her mother who doesn't get too adventurous.
A good day!