Thursday, August 23, 2012

Buggy Barn Block

I was in a quilt shop that had a sample of "Oh Christmas Tree" from the Buggy Barn book "Undeniably Crazy".  Now, I'm not sure if you have to be crazy before you make this...or you feel crazy after you're done...but I was gung ho!  FOR ONCE I decided to wisely make a sample block before cutting out 20 blocks.  Wise decision.  Not crazy yet.  As I traced the 24 x 18" pattern on to freezer paper and realized I would need to do this 5 times...maybe I should make a lap quilt...3 blocks by 4.  Good idea!  As I worked on the block...and began to pull out my poor hair...and finally...after ripping out a piece more than once or twice or more...I decided a quilt 2 x 3 blocks would be enough.  Then I finished the block and decided this is an only child!  I think it will make a cute wall hanging...but there is a pattern in the same book called Crazy Cats that I really like.  Just in case I'm not totally "Undeniably Crazy"!
FYI...the block is supposed to look wonky.  That part wasn't hard.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 2012 Blockswapper's Project

Each year at our Expo...the Blockswappers bring their year's project.  From nine-patches to stars to themes...each year is different.  This years is really different.  Before we start a project...we set the rules.  For this one, we were to make the same row for each of the other 10 Swappers.  We picked a color palate...which we looked at on a computer screen and agreed on. was an unusual palate!  We meet again after a couple of months of frantic sewing and sweating...this one involved a lot of sewing.  It was fun tho to see the quilts all done.  I suggested we throw them in a pile and then just grab...but that was shot down.  I'd like to put the names on each...but I'm not sure who's the designer on some of these.  Anyway....interesting!  For some of us procrastinators...the binding was still warm!!  Jolyn

Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Expo

It's time for the 2012 Woodcarvers and Quilter's Expo!  Takes place in the high school here in Blue Earth.  This year over 250 quilts are being displayed.  I was feeling bad that I only had one to enter....but it was enough!!  Each year we feature an area quilter.  Merle Stensrud was our choice this time.  She is well known as the paper piecing queen!  I took the class from her and developed a love for doing it.  This is her Feathered Star and the picture above...which jumped out of order and of course I don't know how to fix one of her masterpieces.

Most or all of these were classes she taught at Calico Hutch!

I didn't get pictures of all her quilts...but loved this batik one.

Like I said...woodcarving and quilts.  These are just a few of Lauri Ristau's.  Love her work.

Forgot to look and see who did this...but love it.  More pictures to follow...but you really need to be there to see everything. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


                                                           Nehemiah 8:10b
                                                "For the joy of the Lord is my strength."

   One day last week we spent the night in Rochester as it had been three months since Wayne's last colonoscopy and now his next one was due.  Neither of us slept much...different beds and Wayne had to be up at 4 A.M. to start drinking his "cocktail".  He had the office do a wake-up call, but we were both awake when it rang.  I decided that beings I hadn't slept anyway, I would get up and have my devotions. 
    I had bought a new devotional book: "Hope".  Truthfully...I bought it because I liked the moleskin cover.  The first week's theme was "Brokenhearted".  So fitting for where we are in life right now.  There's a Bible verse... a meditation...something to think on...and then "Digging Deeper".  After reading the devotional, I was to read as much of Psalm 119 as possible.  It was like opening a treasure box...jewel after jewel.  It touches my heart how God knows our hearts and what we are going through and hundreds of years ago inspired men to write His Word that today would be exactly what I needed to hear.
   Around 5:30 I went back to bed and slept...waking up less than two hours later.  (Time to get up!)  Amazing...I felt refreshed!  It was His strength that got me through the long day of sitting and waiting and then me driving us home.  It truly was the joy of the Lord giving me strength.

FYI...they still were only able to get part of the tumor so they will give it one more shot with another colonoscopy in three months.  If not successful...then he will need to see a surgeon.  We're going to talk to God about that.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wrapping It up

Sooooo...Morgan came back for another week...spending time playing the guitar on the porch...until it got dark and the bats started making their way out from behind the shutters!!  yuck!!

She washed Grandpa's tractor...can't start the fall season in dirty tractors!!

She and Grandpa took a tour of Blue Earth in the old Dodge and of course had to stop at the Drive Inn...soon closing for good...

We each made a batch of rye bread.  Morgan wanted to try a round loaf.  She said it reminded her of a pillow!

On her way home...we're discussing why Scheel's has a statue of G. Washington outside their store...other than to take our pictures with.

And this was all that was left to remind us of our fun time with Morgan...she loves to drink water out of pint jars...and now has me doing it.  She is greatly missed.  The end.