Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Max's First Quilt

Memorial Day weekend Jill, Isaac, Max, Janeen and Tyler were down.  Isaac entertained us on our keyboard while it was Max's turn to make a quilt.  The last time they were down we had gone to the Calico Hutch and picked out fabric for Max to make the quilt...Snapshots.
He was ready to go first thing Friday morning.  It was my hope that he would get the blocks done in the two days of sewing (and playing...etc.)

As he sewed, he made some interesting comments:  You and Grandpa could be fun.   In my class they don't think a boy can sew.  This is fun and boring.  I can't believe I'm actually making a quilt.  I like how my pieces get bigger and bigger. That's what I was estimating you were going to say.  It's not as big as aw shucks.  Who knew that picking up pins and putting them in a pincushion could be so hard.  I'm actually a shakey person.  I feel proud of myself making a quilt at my age.  I told my friend all about you and what a great quilter you are. (I should have given him money for that statement!)  I like how you're patient. 

After years of teaching kids to make quilts, I've found for the younger ones that if you draw the seamline...they can easily follow it (and less ripping for me).

In order for Max to lay out his blocks, we had to blockade their dog from walking through.

Did I say I hoped he'd get the blocks done in two days...he got the whole quilt top done in one day!!  He really stuck with it!

And here's Max with his quilt and Tyler with the first quilt he made!(quite a few years ago)   Proud of these boys!!  Was a fun weekend and it went too quickly.  But I guess that's always the way when family comes home.    Jolyn

Monday, May 30, 2011

Life on the Farm

Learning a new computer is too much for my tired brain.  Supposed to be quicker and easier, but you have to know things!!  Anyway...life goes on.  Sammy loves his morning neck rub.  He's been a naughty horse, so was put in his pen.  Smarty jumped over the fence.  His favorite hangout now is down by the hog barn.  Don't know if it's the company...the smell...or if there really is greener grass down there....or if he is hiding from people who will put him in his pen again.

Spring always adds new batches of kittens.  The mothers all seem to have them in the same place...entry to the nurseries (as in pig nursery...not baby nursery).  Guess it's communal living.

And of course the weeds just keep growing.  Our planting season has been on hold after days and days and more days of rain and cold weather.  Today, Memorial day is hot....we don't get into summer gradually...and hopefully the guys can soon get out in the fields again and finish planting.       Jolyn

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quick Note

  Good news...bad news....  we just got a new computer.  But haven't gotten our Kodak program downloaded.  So as soon as the one who is smarter than a fifth grader when it comes to computers (that's my better half) ...as soon as he gets the downloading or uploading or whatever the correct word is...done---I'll be back in business!  At least we can get at our e-mails again!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


  This picture has nothing to do with what I'm going to write--but I like pictures on blogs....soooo....     
  Night before last my blog was working just fine...thank you.  Yesterday morning I got up and couldn't do anything on it.  So...do computers lay awake at night plotting against us?  Now this morning....just fine. So...(I say that a lot) ...if I disappear...it's not that I want to, it's just that sometimes my computer has a mind of it's own.  Kind of like Sammy laying in our front yard and Trooper faithfully guarding our porch.   
  Keep praying for the people of North Minneapolis and Joplin as they suffer through the cleanup and changes to their lives.  After seeing the pictures of the damage, we can't help but be thankful for what we've been spared.  It makes water in our basement seem pretty minimal.   Jolyn

Monday, May 23, 2011

It is Well

 Yesterday storms and a tornado rolled through North Minneapolis where two of our three daughters live.  We're so thankful that all of them are safe.  Only Mari had damage with a neighbor's tree laying over their fence into their yard.  After seeing all the damage on tv....we are praising God for sparing our family.  For as little warning as they got, it is amazing that so few were hurt or killed.  But we grieve for those who have to pick up their lives and put things back together again. In the first seven years we were married we had a tornado hit our home.  Mostly tree and window damage, but the shock of it lasted a long time.  Pray for those people who are going through that now.  A verse that jumped out at me this morning:  "When the earth and all its people quake, it is I (God) who hold its pillars firm." Ps 75:3
This is looking out my sewing room door  Saturday morning.

This is looking out the same door this morning.  If you enlarge the picture...you can see Wayne followed by the dog followed by three of the cats going for their morning meal. (don't know where the horse was.)                         It is well with my soul.    Jolyn

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Wonder Horse

I do wonder about this horse!  He does like to lay down...and even nibble on the grass as he lays there.  But this time he had his muzzle (or mouth...or lips...whatever they're called) on the ground and was just kind of nodding off.  I do think he was on a grass high!  Lately the only time he's come up by the house was when we had company and he had to check them out.  I think it's kind of intimidating when a horse on the loose comes up to a person.  Maybe he thinks he's our watchdog.  Probably make a better one than Trooper who is Mr. Welcome Wagon.       Jolyn

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sure Signs of Spring

I always like to find these little violets growing in the wild...a sure sign of spring on the farm.

Even though they are late...the lilacs are always welcome!  I've been known to put some in the freezer to be able to smell them in the winter!  They are much better smelling in the spring.

Even the dandelions have a beauty of their own and seem to be the flower that grows best for me.

A very welcome sign this year with our spring being so late...corn popping through!  It amazes me each spring as we see God's plan for each little plant...each different...but perfect in its design.  Thank you, God!!  I like your plan!

Grandpa and grandson Bryce filling the planter with more soy beans.    They've been putting in long days.  Jolyn

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Road Block

This morning on the way home it looked like a problem ahead.
I think this could be called a road block.  Ambulance, electric line workers, police, and on-lookers....like me....plus a house followed by a garage.     Jolyn

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bottom of the Barrel

Many years ago a book came out that featured the above block.  The fun part was that you constructed an actual quilt of squares and a border and then using a specially marked template... cut it up and sewed it all back together again.  That first cut on the quilt was hard to make!  I've made several  large quilts, some baby quilts, table runners and then made this one thinking to myself...I'll never make one this small again.  but........
Primitive Gatherings patterns came out with the square quilt and included the template with the pattern.  They call it "Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheels".  We called the technique ..."Magic Pinwheel".  My favorite quilt shop, Calico Hutch, had kits made up so I snatched one!  (I did pay for it.)  After making the first one, there was enough to make the second one.  (My favorite of the two.)  But.............
then my "what if" started kicking in.  Made the larger one.  In person the twisters kind of blurred together as some of the prints are too big for this small a project.  So...what if I used more mottled fabrics...but I should have used a lighter first border as some of the outer twisters blend in with that first little border.  But.....
then I tried this one.  The quilt of squares is the size the little one is before cutting it apart!  I didn't think this one would turn out at all as it has earth tones and brights and we all know....they don't mix.  But I liked the effect.  If I had used all brights nothing would have stood out.  The first quilt started with 2 1/2" squares.  The little template measures 1 1/2".  That little template is worth it's weight in gold!  If you hurry...you can probably still get the kit and pattern at the Hutch!!    Jolyn  (tell them I sent you!)

More Candy

Back to our quilter's meeting.  Don't you just love show and tell!  Especially the show!  Jude is showing a quilt she's donating to the adopt a Greyhound cause.

Barb had made some placemats and table runner out of some upholstery material .  Use 'em up!!

Lissia made her first log cabin.  Understand there was some facebook time with Tracy getting through it. 

There is an Elaine behind this quilt.  A sampler from the Winnebago quilt shop.  I did have a picture of this quilt with Elaine, but she would have never spoken to me again if I had used it.

Jacque showing a panel that she had hung outside and had really faded.  At least it looked to have faded evenly.

This picture didn't capture the colors very well, but this was sure pretty. 

And last but not least, Tracy had taken blocks her Mother-in-law had embroidered  and made them into a king sized quilt complete with all Tracy's beautiful quilting!  Next blog I'll show what I brought to the meeting.  Kind of like....continued tomorrow. (Don't you hate those!)   Jolyn

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quilter's Eye Candy

Last night at our Blue Earth Valley Quilters Liz showed some little bags she made. 

Liz also had made this t-shirt quilt for her oldest son using shirts from his Boy Scout years.  Jan had quilted it using Boy Scout emblems and words.  It is quite a keepsake for Greg. (if Mom can part with it!)

Not every quilter's meetings have a member show up in a tuxedo!  Mike is showing the fabrics he was to use in a challenge. (oh yes, the tux was because he was directing a choir concert)

Here's his masterpiece! It's called "Common Ground"

This shows the machine quilting Mike did.  He does all his quilting on his Bernina.  His work is always outstanding!  Jolyn  (more tomorrow)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend with the Granddaughters---Priceless!!

Three empty bedrooms and this is the bed of choice!! 
Karissa trying to decide which fabrics to use to make a Snap Happy Bag.
Morgan and her newly made apron!
Do you notice the "new thing" Karissa taught me?  I'm so excited!   I can change my wallpaper!! (I hope)
This was a quilt that Wayne's Mom, Amy had made and Janeen had claimed.  I machine quilted it and Morgan, myself and Janeen finished the binding making it a 4 generation quilt!  Couldn't believe how many 30's fabrics were in it.  Was a fun weekend, but I can't believe how few pictures I took.  Sad, sad face.    Jolyn

Friday, May 13, 2011

Party Time

Next Monday the girls in our high school class are getting together for a luncheon in Albert Lea.  This year they all celebrate their 70th birthday.  (I'm holding at 59).  We usually exchange little gifts.  These are the packages all ready to go (there are more).  The bags are only 6" tall, so they turned out kind of cute.  I stuffed the gift and white tissue paper in them too.  At the most there could be 8 of us.  Two others live in Arizona.  We used to get together in homes, but it's nice to let the cafes do the cooking.  This particular one serves the best pie!!  And you know me....pie first...while I still have room!     Jolyn

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Robot-controled Horse

And here's our robot-controlled horse.  Actually, we thought he was getting bored and let him listen to some music.  "Sammy's Song".   Just life on the farm.  I think he's in a groove!  Either that or he's saying "I'm bored!" Jolyn           

Multi Purpose Horse

Lawn Mower

Window Washer (or Smearer)

Theft Blocker