Friday, April 29, 2011


   These quilts use the same style block shown in yesterday's blog.  Just different size centers and strips surrounding them.  Tricia's daughter, Gwen, made this one.
   Cindy made this one using all Christmas prints from one line of fabric. In stead of using a larger piece for her center, she used a 1 1/2" square...the same as her strips.
   Another one of Cindy's where she used the same center fabric in the outer strips and a constant cream fabric in the second spot of each block.  It's kind of endless the ways you can vary this!
   The next two are mine that I've shown before, but they fit in with these other quilts.  They use only one strip around the center square.  In the first picture I made 6" blocks and 3" blocks. 
  Leftovers from the one above.  All 3" blocks.  I had weeded out a lot of the fabrics in my first one, but in this one I used whatever and it turned out to be my favorite!  Never know.  I also washed this one and love the "old" look it gave to the quilt.  I also made 3 other quilts out of the "leftovers", but they've found other loving homes. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011


   From the first time I saw this in the new magazine "Perfect for Precuts"... I fell in love with it.  Simple block, but just what I wanted to make.  It is called Mini Make-Do.
  The selecting fabric was easy as I just took strips from a kit intended for another project (that is not illegal).
   Into little pieces...many ...many little pieces the fabric went.
   Here's a single block.  It will finish at 4 1/2". 
These fabrics are all 30's reproductions.  They always seem to be "happy" prints.

   And here is my finished top.  I made it the size of how ever many blocks I got out of the fabric kit.  Now I'm deciding if I should add a border and make it  into a baby quilt, or leave it this size...quilt it and use it for a wall hanging in my kitchen.  So many decisions. 
  Oh yes...the leftovers.  I have a new template for the "Twister".  It measures only 1 1/2", so the little blocks are only an inch square.  I want to frame the first project and don't know what I'll do with the second one.  I have a few leftovers from it...but think they'll hit the round file for Neverland.  (interpretation...I'm throwing them away!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For the Birds

No wonder we run out of birdseed so quickly! That is one big bird!   Jolyn

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

   Neil and Amy and the kids came for a long weekend.  We all had lots of fun.  Grandpa had found these tiny kittens that Eden loved seeing and holding.
   Here she's going for a ride on Sammy.
   Enjoying a "Lassie" movie.  Mostly Grandpa tried to stay awake. 
   These were the toys of choice for Ryan.  That train has seen a lot of mileage with a lot of kids.
  Oh yes, can't forget the Easter Basket hunt.  Do you see it?  Eden spotted it before me.
  Over to Shawn and Suzanne's Sunday to celebrate Easter and Bryce's golden birthday.(which was the 20th)  Here's Taylor relaxing.
   Eden had made a card plus door hangers plus bookmarks for Bryce. 
   The rest of us enjoying the kids enjoying the gifts.

  Just had to photo the card Brandon made for Bryce.  I guess 20 years old sounds pretty old for a 13 year old.  To me, it sounds pretty young!   Hey--even 50 sounds young!!                         Jolyn

Friday, April 22, 2011


   Continued from our meeting, Wendy is sharing a wall hanging she made using a panel and adding her own touches.
   Kathy made this beautiful circular swirl.  With the leftovers, she'll be able to make another one!  How sweet is that!!!  It was really beautiful!!

  Jan was working on a t-shirt quilt that will go to its home next week.  The blocks she showed were really cute.
   I don't remember if this was a "family" quilt or a "find", but seemed to be in really good condition.  Just to figure out how to complete the edges...cut them off, applique onto a border....

   Jacque showed a number of bags she has made. This small quilt was hers too.  She used a technique on the bag and some of the blocks on the quilt that was interesting.  You sew this "stuff" (for lack of the proper word) on the back and then when you steam it, it shrinks and gives this fun texture to your fabric.   If you look at the green part on the bag you can see the result.
   One of the problems with such great show and tell is that I get so wrapped up in looking that I forget to take pictures.  So, I'm sure I missed some.  Monica was kind enough to take this one out after the meeting so I could get a picture.
   Felecia showed her first quilting project that she made when the Quilt Company first opened.  This was one of my first classes and one of my favorite blocks...Dresden Plate. 
  Oh yes...this is southern Minnesota doing it's own show and tell.  My tulips are confused not to mention the robins!
   Happy Easter....Jolyn

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fellow Quilters

   The third Monday night of each month (except...December and July) our Blue Earth Valley Quilters meet.  Show and Tell is always the highlight for me!  Janine brought two pillows that she had "chenilled".  (Don't know how else to say that.)
   Linda claims that it was easy to cut out those teeny tiny flowers for her little woolie.
   A couple of flying geese later she had made this great Civil War quilt.  Anybody count those geese?  To me it looks like they're flying  Kind of like our spring.
   This was my favorite of hers.  Another way to do the Log Cabin...again using Civil War reproduction fabrics.
   Linda was looking for border fabric to finish this.  I have a feeling that this was a Quilt of Valor.
  The quilting doesn't show up very well in the picture, but take my word for it...anything Mike does..he does well and this was a work of art!  

More tomorrow.                 Jolyn

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deers and Dears

Here's Bryce with his newly mounted deer.

Showing Grandpa the mounted deer head that he had shot last fall.

And here's Dad with his deer. 

This is Frisbie.  He jumps up and down but doesn't jump on you.

This is Joecker.  He jumps up and down and jumps on you.  Both are happy dogs and the springer spaniel always likes to greet you with a stick in his mouth.  Sometimes a small one and sometimes it's so big he can't get through the doorway.  Jolyn                                     Happy Birthday Golden Boy!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mankato Quilt Show

Attended the Mankato Quilt show Saturday.  Lots and lots of inspiration! of the best parts of a show are the vendors!!  I think I made them happy. Yes, that is Cindy from Firefly Quilt Shop.

This one has to go on my to-do list.  It's a Terry Atkinson design.

This little gem was a lot of work and was really sharp!

How cute is this?? 

This one caught my eye because of the size and design.

Another to go on my to-do list.  Actually I think this one has been on it for a long time.

This was just a prop, but loved it!!    To make my adventure complete, I left the show and asked the girls at the registration if they knew where my van was.  Of course, I knew where I left it because I had made special mental notes where I parked !  But when I got out side (in the blowing cold) I couldn't find my van!  There were other tan vans, but not mine.  After tramping back and forth I used my panic button and it came from the area I was "sure" I had left it.  Then tried the "lights" thing.  What do you know--it was right where I left it...but "someone" had put new license plates on it.  Hmmmm.  Probably figured I didn't know the old one anyway.   But the show was good.              Jolyn