Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Busy Busy

This is the before picture.  Not proud of how it looks....but I'm working on it.  I've decided to cut up all these into 9" strips and 2 1/2" strips.  I have the top row done, all of the darks on the next two rows and am working on the lights.  Each fabric has to be individually ironed and then cut.  I've been doing this for over a week...day and night and during commercials and late night news.  BUT today I had to get at some gifts so NO ironing...NO cutting.  Play time!!  Nice!

For my gifts...these are the tools...composition book ($1 at the $ store or 96cents at Wal Mart), rubber cement, scrap booking paper, sparkling things that stick on and a decorative scissors. 

I measure two pieces of paper to fit the top and back of the book.  Cut the one edge with the fancy scissors.  I have to remind myself that this goes next to the binding...not the outside edge.

Do about 20 more.

Out of the leftovers... trim to fit the small composition books. (3 for $1...same store)

Now here's my "big" secret.  I take an old magazine (usually one of Wayne's when he isn't looking as I don't want to ruin mine).  I glue the backs using one page of the magazine to "catch" the extra glue...then glue the other back on the other side of the open magazine and turn the page...fresh gluing area!!
Did I manage to make that as clear as mud?  Look at the picture if all else fails. It gets really hard to read the magazine after I'm done with all the pages glued together...believe me.

Add some fun glittery stick-on-thingies and you have a fun (did I say cheap?) gift.

Sometimes I use brads...those little things that have two little pokey things on the back that you push through the paper and then fold open...you know what I mean.  I add them before I glue.

And here are some of the little ones.  Forgot to take a picture...but there were 2" x 6" pieces of scrap booking paper left so I rounded the corners...laminated them...punched a hole in one end...inserted a ribbon and made book marks!  I feel so crafty!!!  I also made 3.......but that's for another day!

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