Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sunday School Program

One of the things that really makes Christmas for me is our Sunday School Christmas Program.  For years we have used all ages...this year using a couple of young married women and high schoolers through preschool.  I am very very thankful for the people who tackle putting this endeavor together.  No easy task getting this many people to practices.  We use the former Frost school as we always get a good crowd...what Grandpa and Grandma...aunts..uncles...cousins...want to miss this!

The theme was a mouse family who gave the setting and note their mouse noses!  Love the pajamas!

But of course the ones who always steal the show are the sheep.  This jumping off the stage...and just enough cuteness and yawns to keep us all smiling!
Not the best picture...but how can you capture the tenderness that Joseph expressed as he picked up the baby Jesus.  And then there was the eating...but I was too busy eating to take pictures of the long tables of soups (5 different kinds!) ...good breads and all kinds of wonderful Christmas goodies.  Now I'm ready for Christmas....just as soon as I get some baking done!!!  and shopping!!! may see less of me here for a while...but I will be stopping by once in a while. Jolyn

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  1. Jolyn -

    Good job!

    Have you ever checked out the stash organizing system on Click on her Stash Organization link. Oh, to be so organized as either of you. But isn't it fun to "pet" all the fabric - I mean refold...