Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Farmer's Wife Quilts

I loved the quilt these blocks were taken from...but the book is much to be desired.  It has good pictures and a nice story of each block....but the patterns are on a cd and one template to each page.   There are 111 different blocks and if you count all the different shapes....yikes!!  We have a group of us from the Blue Earth Valley Quilters that are making the quilt and we are blessed (make that really really blessed to have Mike making sense out of each block and giving us the measurements.)  I don't think I would even tackle this if not for him.  We get together each month and show the blocks we've made.   There is no pressure to make any or all....just you choose and do your thing.  This was the first block I made:  Cut Glass Dish #21

Attic Window  #1

Country Path  #4

I've found my  blocks lay so much nicer if I open up the seam....less bulk and did I mention these blocks finish at 6"?  Don't know if I'll make all 111, but I'll see.

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