Saturday, February 4, 2012

That Time of Year Again

Here we go again...lefsa day.  We've found the best time to do this to get the maximum number of people is to do it after church on a Sunday.  Volunteers furnish the meal and then the fun begins.  Here Eythan is teaching Victoria how to roll.  And she stuck with it all day.  Train them young!!

If we didn't have the youth to help it wouldn't get done!  They are very good at it...and where else can you take pictures of guys in aprons!

This was new this year.  Gerhald rigged this sausage stuffer to run the dough through.  Kim is cutting them to size and throwing (and I mean throwing) them in flour in each of the containers.  Then Julie and myself roll them in the flour and put them on trays.

After the "burners" are done...the lefsa is laid out to cool.

Here's a man of many talents! Erik!!

Other than talking...they are taking the lefsa and making a round ball out of them.

One of the more important tasks...buttering and putting brown sugar on the rejects for the workers to eat.  I'm so spoiled that I only like lefsa when it's fresh like this!  Lutefisk supper is Sunday...February 5th.  If you can't can probably smell the lutefisk from where you live!!

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