Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Next Group

More blocks from the Farmer's Wife quilt.  I'm using civil war fabrics with a wide assortment of different fabrics.  The book starts with a block and then the story about a particular Farmer's Wife.  But the block may be numbered #24.  In the back of the book are the blocks all numbered correctly.  A bit confusing...which doesn't help my poor little confused brain! I haven't been real choosy yet as to the colors I've used as I don't have enough blocks made to see if I have too much or not enough of any color.  This is Kitchen Woodbox  #54

Jackknife  #53

  End of Day  #30

Peace and Plenty  #64
It looks a little washed out in the picture and in real life it's still kind of washed out.  Not making another so it will just have to do.  It's been interesting in our group to see the fabrics the others are using and how they made their choices.  My first block took me two hours.  The second two took me three hours...don't know if I'm improving or not.

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