Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Quilts

It was such a treat to be able to go to the quilter's meeting last night!  Can't remember if the last time I went was in January or last November.  Everyone is busy with gardening right now so there wasn't as much show and tell, but still what was brought was some fun stuff!  Notice how I managed to make the flag look like a party hat for Linda!  She's been making bags and has a friend that makes zipper flowers to add to them. 

I think she's saying "cheeeeeese".

Cele made this quilt of civil war blocks with the civil war fabric reproductions.  It measures around 92" x 92".

This gal made this by using folded fabric.  Kind of hard to describe, but she really did a neat job.  She was also working on another one.  Isn't it funny how when we like a pattern...right away we have to make another one!

One of the treasure's from our Trash to Cash event.  That is when we bring those things we know we won't ever finish or even wonder why we bought them...and it becomes someone elses's tresure!  Judy made this sunflower wallhanging from a kit  (I think I brought that...but my memory isn't real sure).  All money raised from this event go towards bringing in a special speaker for our Quilt Expo in August. 

ok...Liz...I want to see your face!  Took another picture and it showed even less of her face...she made this and donated it to a resident at Nicolett Place.  Such a cheerful quilt and made that person very happy.  Giving a quilt away is part of the fun of making one.
All this eye candy makes me want to start sewing again....but I think I'll go shopping instead...quilt shop of course!!

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