Saturday, May 12, 2012

What a Guy!!

All of Wayne's growing up years his mother made home-made white bread.  When we got married, on occasion I would make rye bread, but it's probably been the last 25 years that I make so that we always have some on hand.  Before we went to Branson I made 2 batches and took a bunch along and also left some in our freezer.  Couple of weeks ago we ran out.  My back isn't quite happy enough to knead it yet, so Wayne said he was going to do it.  This morning when I woke I heard him in the kitchen and wondered what was going on.  If the first picture is's because that's the way my eyes are in the morning

Hard at work.

Hands are a "little" sticky.

Please note the lack of flour on his clothing.  I always have it all over myself.

The finished project!  Good job, honey!!!

My happy camper!!  And I got the first slice with peanut butter...while the bread was still warm!!!  But I'm not giving up my job...just until my back says I can!

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  1. Wow, he must have watched closely to know how to make bread. It ain't easy. VERY impressive!