Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Additional Quilts

Barb has retired and is fired up for sewing!  Here's a vintage bag...

two wonky pillows...

and a spring table the shirt she's wearing!

Corrine showing one of her finds from the Trash to Cash event.  It's amazing how someone can have something in their stash for years and decide they either won't ever get it done or don't care for it any more and someone else buys it and here it is!

Here she took a boughten bag and livened it up with a panel!  Creative juices flow in our group!!

Sharon showed a crazy quilt her grandmother had made.

By the shoes...I think this is Sharon again showing a quilt.

Cele made this tablerunner and placemats for Easton's Friendship Days.
And more is yet to stay tuned...

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