Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun Times

Tanner just graduated from NDSU this spring and drove down for a long weekend.  What a treasure when grand kids come!  He and Bryce, Taylor and Brandon came over one evening and we sat on the porch visiting.  I had baked rye bread that day, so pretty soon we would hear the electric knife going as one by one they wandered in and polished off a loaf and a half.  Memories!

It was too hot for me to attend, but Wayne went over to Shawn's for the annual Blast's (Jr High youth) Mess Fest!  It is a food frenzy designed with making the kids get down and messy!!  Here they were playing a game of sticky Twister.

Don't you just want to jump in??

I think they were making their "pizza".

Makes the mouth drool...NOT!!!  The pizza sauce was tomatoes crushed with their hands and I'm a little afraid to know what the rest was...but they could earn points by eating a big bite......and swallowing it!  The kids always have fun and I think the adults have fun thinking up messy stuff for them to do!  Seems like last year I heard something about lutefisk being involved.   Have to keep up our Norwegian heritage!
They do have eatable food afterwards!

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