Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cities Trip

We had to make a trip to the cities for parts.  No this isn't the part...this is the bonus...seeing family while we're there.  Bought Miss Vivvi a few a microscope...she was examining everything. Here she has her little pail full of old bread to go feed the neighbor's chickens. Yes they live in the cities...but chickens are legal and they provide lots of entertainment for this little one.

They seem to know her...and that she comes bearing food.

Note Spok alertly watching for any bread that didn't make it into the pen.  Vivvi's not afraid to pick up the chickens...but feeding them can cause getting pecked.  So she would hold out the bread about 6" from the fence and say "peck..peck..peck".

You've met here's Teddy...the wonder Dog.  You always wonder what he's up to. Comment about him is "What is he?"  He's even been called a wombat.  Mostly he silently goes through life trying not to cause too much attention There's been talk of retiring him to the farm...but not sure he's cut out for the duties of a farm dog.

Bubbles are so much fun.  Vivvi didn't get the hang of waving the wand, but loved "blowing"!

Oh yes, the watering can...watered flowers, the deck, great-grandma, and her toys...but when she got water on her clothes...then she was upset.

Here's Daddy helping her.

Uncle Ty with his work tools...flashers... or whatever they're called that he uses at work for the airport. 
Should have taken a picture of the meal Janeen made...she is such a good cook and not like her mother who doesn't get too adventurous.
A good day!

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