Sunday, June 17, 2012

Man in His Field

Another week!  It's amazing how the corn has grown!  We've only gotten .25 to .5 inches of rain at a time so this is even more amazing!  Stay tuned for next week!

We got to baby sit the other day with our youth director's kids.  They are so cute...and so busy!!!  They call Wayne...Mr. Wayne and I'm Wayne's Mommy...hmmmm...   We went outside after supper and "tried" to keep up with them.  They had great fun turning over rocks and looking for worms.  The prince then showed us how long you could stretch one!  The worm wasn't impressed.

The best entertainment turned out to be this pail of water.  The Princess decided to make "Dog Soup".  They added sticks and stones (lots of them) and mud and flowers and weeds and more sticks and grass and anything that would move.  Sorry to say...the dog wasn't real interested...
ps...someone asked me if I was tired when they went home...nope...I was exhausted!!!  Good thing God gives babies to young ones!!!  We can enjoy them and then send them home!!!

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  1. Enjoying seeing Wayne "Outstanding in His Field" series. What a year! On the 4th of July, you'll have to stand someone on his shoulders and see it is to their knees!