Monday, August 6, 2012

Wrapping It up

Sooooo...Morgan came back for another week...spending time playing the guitar on the porch...until it got dark and the bats started making their way out from behind the shutters!!  yuck!!

She washed Grandpa's tractor...can't start the fall season in dirty tractors!!

She and Grandpa took a tour of Blue Earth in the old Dodge and of course had to stop at the Drive Inn...soon closing for good...

We each made a batch of rye bread.  Morgan wanted to try a round loaf.  She said it reminded her of a pillow!

On her way home...we're discussing why Scheel's has a statue of G. Washington outside their store...other than to take our pictures with.

And this was all that was left to remind us of our fun time with Morgan...she loves to drink water out of pint jars...and now has me doing it.  She is greatly missed.  The end.

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