Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 2012 Blockswapper's Project

Each year at our Expo...the Blockswappers bring their year's project.  From nine-patches to stars to themes...each year is different.  This years is really different.  Before we start a project...we set the rules.  For this one, we were to make the same row for each of the other 10 Swappers.  We picked a color palate...which we looked at on a computer screen and agreed on.  BUT...it was an unusual palate!  We meet again after a couple of months of frantic sewing and sweating...this one involved a lot of sewing.  It was fun tho to see the quilts all done.  I suggested we throw them in a pile and then just grab...but that was shot down.  I'd like to put the names on each...but I'm not sure who's the designer on some of these.  Anyway....interesting!  For some of us procrastinators...the binding was still warm!!  Jolyn


  1. Beautiful quilts as always!!!!

  2. I absolutely love how each quilt takes on its own appearance - even though they use the same blocks.

    Great end results (and my binding would have been a bit warm too)...

  3. I love the color combinations and variety of designs. You people have great imaginations!