Tuesday, August 14, 2012


                                                           Nehemiah 8:10b
                                                "For the joy of the Lord is my strength."

   One day last week we spent the night in Rochester as it had been three months since Wayne's last colonoscopy and now his next one was due.  Neither of us slept much...different beds and Wayne had to be up at 4 A.M. to start drinking his "cocktail".  He had the office do a wake-up call, but we were both awake when it rang.  I decided that beings I hadn't slept anyway, I would get up and have my devotions. 
    I had bought a new devotional book: "Hope".  Truthfully...I bought it because I liked the moleskin cover.  The first week's theme was "Brokenhearted".  So fitting for where we are in life right now.  There's a Bible verse... a meditation...something to think on...and then "Digging Deeper".  After reading the devotional, I was to read as much of Psalm 119 as possible.  It was like opening a treasure box...jewel after jewel.  It touches my heart how God knows our hearts and what we are going through and hundreds of years ago inspired men to write His Word that today would be exactly what I needed to hear.
   Around 5:30 I went back to bed and slept...waking up less than two hours later.  (Time to get up!)  Amazing...I felt refreshed!  It was His strength that got me through the long day of sitting and waiting and then me driving us home.  It truly was the joy of the Lord giving me strength.

FYI...they still were only able to get part of the tumor so they will give it one more shot with another colonoscopy in three months.  If not successful...then he will need to see a surgeon.  We're going to talk to God about that.

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