Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Barn Quilt and Horses

I'm still learning how to do this!  It's so easy with our granddaughter here to help me.  Tomorrow will be the test! 

  I like to decorate with quilts - even outside.  My friend, Tracy made this barn quilt and it sits where everyone can see it driving up our driveway.  You might notice the "doctor's buggy".  We have a horse - Sammy.  Guess we've always had horses.  The last two winters we lost our two older horses - Jimmy who was almost 40 years old.  Last winter we lost Jake who was in his 20's.  That was unexpected.  This spring Wayne was reading Craig's list and found us a new one, Sammy.  I always thought Jimmy and Jake were the best horses you could get, but Sammy is really a good one too.  Jimmy was the type of horse that we could put any grandchild, any age on him and he would be gentle.  Still remember the time one of the grandsons wanted to be a cowboy and ride Jimmy alone.  So he grabbed his grandma-made vest, cowboy hat and we sat him on Jimmy in the middle of the pasture all alone.  He sat like a cowboy, singing away and Jimmy never took a step.  Memories!!

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  1. I wish we had a barn so I would have some place to hang a barn quilt. I am thinking I might make a small one that would be a garden gate. :-)