Thursday, September 30, 2010

 Yesterday I met with some gals from our class of '59 for a luncheon.  Out of a class of 27, 10 were girls.  We try to get together a couple of times a year. Two gals live in Arizona and one up west of the twin cities, so this is our usual group.  We talk about our kids, grandkids, even great-grandkids, health, and memories.  You know--"remember when".  None of our classmates have passed away.  Must have been hardy stock! Where we ate is one of my favorite eating places and one of my favorite foods there is their pie!  Banana cream pie!!  Look at the height of that meringue!  I'm pretty sure there weren't any calories in it!  I really do like to eat my dessert first.  Want to make sure I have
room for it. I'd rather leave some of the main course
than to be too full to eat my pie!! 

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