Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Buggy Rides

 When the grandkids come to the farm, one of the things they enjoy doing is going for a buggy ride with Grandpa Wayne. It's a quiet, peaceful retreat from our hectic world.  Our dog, Trooper always gets so excited when Wayne hitches up Sammy.  If he doesn't get to tag along, he lays and crys and crys. It's pretty pathetic!  When they're on the road, he's learned that when Wayne tells him to "Lay down" - he minds as cars are coming.  He hasn't learned how much easier it is to ride in the buggy than to lope alongside of Sammy for miles.  Trooper runs through the puddles of water in the ditches to cool down.  Will have to get a picture of him on here.  
 He loves people!      Just a warning.     Jolyn

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