Thursday, January 5, 2012

And the Gifts Go On...and on

Trooper enjoys having the grandkids down as he gets extra attention (and food...but that's another story!)  Well...since you insist...we go to the front door (he sleeps in his own private chair on the one would want to touch it after he's been there) and tell him.."Go out back".  He immediately ambles around the house as he knows we've put out a treat for him.  Good dog.

We dug in the cedar chest and came up with this wool sweater that I made many...many years fact I didn't think it was finished.  I think I had someone else finish it as I had hit my limit.  Anyway...Miss Morgan tried it on...perfect fit and seems to also fit her retro-love.  So I borrowed it to body isn't so retro any more.

ok... these things happen in my house. And some of it I just plain ignore... it just makes me wonder...

The men...

I know the table looks a little busy...but I wanted Christmas to be about memories...past and present and putting old pictures under a plastic generated lots of comments and remember whens...

Jill's idea..balloons on rubber and a new memory! And luckily no broken lights!!

Even the littlest one got in on the action.

Wind power!  I can see me passing out doing I refrained.

Little Vivvi got every one's attention when she started "reading" out of a blank notebook and everyone applauded.

So she kept reading....and reading...and when the applause finally stopped...she started clapping her hands.  The story got more "interesting" as she progressed.
Now I have more pictures, but my blog is quite doesn't like to add pictures from two different cameras in one one more Christmas blog...I promise...I think.

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