Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Continued

Because we give all the kids money...I try to be creative in wrapping them.  So this year I ate the candy (just kidding...) and put the money inside the tins and then cut out a baby or toddler picture of them for the tag.  Weren't they cute!!  Still are!

These two were looking for work...actually they were looking for money and Grandpa gave them the job of moving the split wood into the wood shed.  Good thing they did as it rained and snowed later in the week.

Course...no get-together would be complete if a little computer time wasn't on the agenda.

Our oldest son...Kelsey and wife Karen.

Max was helping me stuff the "stockings".

Food...was delicious...even if the picture isn't too hot. I am so blessed to have daughters and daughters-in-law who team up to make a meal.

Seems we never have to call the kids twice...lined up to eat.

No Christmas is complete without Grandpa reading the Christmas story.  When he was done we all shared memories of Christmases past.

I made each of the guys and the younger gals fleece lined fleece mittens.  Then I did what all grandmas do...made them pose for a picture with them!  Ain't done yet...

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