Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yep--He Surprised Me!!

How many great-grandmothers can say they got a BB gun for Christmas...and loved it!  I've wanted one for years!  I can just hear my grandkids telling their friends...you won't believe what my Grandma got for Christmas!!  Remember all those balloons lying around?  Perfect for target practice and I am getting better. (note...I did take them outside before shooting them!)  Can hardly wait until the grandkids can have a shoot -out with me!!  In the meantime I need to find someone who will blow  up more balloons for me...I have a tendency to get light-headed doing it...I am a great-grandma you know.

She just fit!  Her little feet were pressed against the foot of the bed...another year and she'll have to scrunch to fit.  She is at such a fun age...but you know...no matter what age our grandkids are...it's still a fun age to have them.  It was a memorable Christmas...not about the gifts...but the family being together...the laughter...the sharing...the eating...and once again focusing on the birth of Jesus and how thankful we are for His coming to save us from our sins.  We are blessed!


  1. I got he same thing for christmas last year! Pop cans all over Freeborn county fear me ;)
    Katie Z.

  2. Yep! Did yours come with pink safety goggles too???