Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visiting Grandma

I know this doesn't look like visiting Grandma, but it does have a connection.  Brandon and the 8th grade basketball team had a tournament in Preston which is only 8 miles from where my Mom lives in a nursing home.  The Bucs won the tournament and then....

we headed to Harmony to visit.  Grandma was surprised and happy to see us.

This is in a commons area where they eat and also have recliners and chairs for visiting.  While we were there a gentleman was playing polka music on his accordian.  Three times Mom got up and showed the boys the Charleston step.  Wayne volunteered to dance with her a little...but they were so lively that the pictures all blured.  As they say...that's my story....

I have been practicing...after I ran out of baloons I had to come up with a new target.  This is a small paper plate and I'm not saying how many shots I took that didn't hit the target.  I'm having fun!

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