Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Quilters

After Christmas most of us quilters get in gear and warm up those sewing machines.  So our first quilter's meeting for the year usually has lots of show and tell.  Ruth was showing a piece she bought from the Quilt Company that her daughter had designed in a math class taught by Lola Hendrickson. The students designed a quilt block.  Joan Rustad-Huisman was the math teacher and thought she might have the original drawing! 

Something Ruth put together to hang in their camper.

Linda is always on a wool kick and made this fun stars in circles project.

Love this....another Linda creation out of leftovers!

If I remember right Jan Montgomery's mother had embroidered this and now it's been quilted by Jan Shaffer and will be given back to Jan's mother. (that's a lot of Jan's for one sentence)

Ahhhh...the mystery quilter...Wendy showing a wool project on linen she's been working on.

Peek!  I wish I could remember the name of this...all from a jelly roll.  Looks like a fun one to make.

Tracy is the "Wool Queen".  These cute valentine's gifts are some of her own designs.

Tracy quilted this for a customer...beautiful!! 
This is only the beginning...we had lots...and lots of show and tell.  You miss a lot by not being there...I sometimes forget to take pictures and sometimes...actually quite often my pictures turn out blurry.  Best to come see for yourselves!

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