Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Keep walking!!

   The first 5 pictures are of quilt from our bedroom.  I took out extra quilts for the Tour and when I went to put them back into storage, I didn't have enough room.  Figure that!  Where did I have them?  Total quilts that I displayed was over 135.
 A new woolie project I made.  A small version of the "Ten Minute Table Runner."
   I love houses on quilts as you might notice.
 The quilt on the bed is made up of civil war reproduction fabrics.  The blocks were taken from several books on the Underground Railroad.  I made it in memory of Wayne's Great-Grandfather who served 3 years in the Civil War.  Our grandson, Isaac, got one like this.

   Now we're upstairs in the hall.  This was leftovers from a larger quilt.  I think the squares are 2 1/2".  I hand quilted it.
    Even the carpet is a quilt!  ugly!!  Not my favorite!! 
  An antique one.  Someone kindly called it the "peach" quilt, but in real life it is really orange!  Love all the hand quilting they did on it.

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