Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Para Sailing

   As this was our second trip to Maui, we tried to do different things from the first time.  I suggested going para-sailing.  After Wayne picked himself up from the sand (I don't like heights, flying or things where I don't feel in control) we went and got signed up.  The day we went was the last day they were offering rides as they have to shut down until May because of the whales.  (No one seemed to understand why -- as everything else out on the water continued)  anyway--we loved it!  We went up quickly, but not just got quieter and quieter as we got away from the noise of the boat.
   We gave my camera to another person on the boat and took Wayne's up with us.
   I don't know how to switch order on pictures.  This is us getting ready to take off.  We just stood up and the ropes did the rest!
  We were up 800 feet...this kind of gives you an idea of the height.  Our hotel is in the background.
(Don't pay any attention to the dates on these pictures--Wayne's camera chooses the dates and usually they're no where near the actual date.)

  We took off from the boat and landed right on the boat again.  Other than them lowering us down and dipping our feet in the ocean, we didn't get wet.
  I do confess I had one moment of WHAT AM I DOING?  when the one guy was helping us on the boat and told me not to sit on the parachute as it was made of tissue paper. 

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