Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Bedroom

   Here we're touring the "little" bedroom.  It's the smallest one in our house -- about 10'x12'.  The walls are sloped upstairs, so it limits the size quilts I can hang there, but I do pack in quite a few.  I've made all the quilts I'll be showing in this room.  The Churn Dash quilt on the bed is hand quilted. 
 I've made a number of miniature Double Wedding Rings and used up a lot of orphan blocks for pillows.  The quilt on the chair is called Gathering Hearts. Another pattern I love and have made several times.
   Have made two of these embroidered Sunbonnet Sue wall hangings.  The other one is in redwork (all red thread).  The two quilts on the rocker are hand quilted.  The one is leftover blocks from the quilt on the bed.
   I love the Dresden Fan.   Because I taught this particular pattern, I have about half a dozen made (or should say...started.)
   The center part of this wall hanging is made up of bowtie blocks. 
  Here's another sample of the Double Wedding Ring.  I love teaching this class, even though it isn't the easiest one to do.  Accurate cutting, pressing and sewing make it possible.    
  Well, that leaves two bedrooms.  They are about 15'x15', so I can really pack in the quilts!  Right now with the freezing rain and cold temps, we need more quilts!!!!

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