Thursday, December 9, 2010

The step-down bedroom

 The north bedroom and this bedroom each have a double bed and a single bed.  This room is the one the grandkids usually choose to sleep in. (you have to remember 9 of them are boys--do those pastel bedrooms look like boy's rooms?)  This room also has a big closet that the kids, when they were little, liked to sleep in.  Think it might be a bit crowded for them now.  The quilt on the double bed is called a Row by Row.  Way back when we still had the Quilt Company, we and a bunch of other quilters each made a row for each other.  It's always been a favorite of mine.
   There's a little nook formed by the closet where this bed fits.  This is a cowboy quilt that Jill and I designed for Isaac.  (He has his own--this one is mine...until claimed)
   Looking out towards the hall...I do love houses and Sawtooth Stars. 
   Just a couple of small quilts.  Lots of times I just make some blocks  I like and turn them into quilts.
  This is the whole gang wishing you a Merry Christmas!  We are so blessed to have family!!  Holidays are a house full of family and food (of course) and fun. (and usually a football game...even at midnight on New Year's Eve in below zero weather!)
   I'll be taking a leave from my blog until after Christmas.  Hope you miss me! 

  (The kiss  was Wayne's idea........he said that's where this all started.)

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