Thursday, December 9, 2010

North Bedroom

   And this is the north bedroom...again all pastels.  I've made all the quilts except the antique ones. (altho I am old enough to qualify as an antique)  You can see one draped across the smaller bed. 
   Two miniatures above an antique one.  The upper left one is a miniature log cabin and the smaller one is a disappearing star or something.  Don't know what the name of the antique one is.
   The yo yo quilt over the back of the rocker was a "find" at a garage sale.  I thought the price was a mistake and hauled it up to the gal taking money and found out it was correct.  I "almost" felt guilty paying so little, but soon got over it. On the rocker seat is a pinwheel quilt designed by Darlene Zimmerman.
  The quilt on the bed is another one designed by Darlene Zimmerman.  In fact, she traded me 30's material for a bunch of feedsacks.  I was happy ...she was happy.  The one on the chair is leftovers from another Darlene quilt.  The draped one on the bed is a double nine patch of my favorites.
  More of those little Gathering Hearts on the wall.  I really like the looks of the two pastel bedrooms...they seem so restful. Not very masculine, but restful. The third bedroom suits the guys more.

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