Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For the Birds

This spring a mother robin decided that the ideal place to make a nest was on the light on our porch right outside the kitchen door.  What a mess.  I can't find the pictures, but believe me...there was enough "nest" material on the step to build another nest.  I've also lost the pictures of the pretty blue eggs...4 of them.  And now they've hatched... ugly , scrawny,  pathetic , always hungry babies!

This is what the mother faces all day long.  She sits on them for a while...but then is off to look for more green worms.  Oh yes, she also house cleans and eats their (excuse the expression) poop.

You can see there is still an egg that hasn't hatched.

We also have a nest of a smaller bird...little smaller than a sparrow that has a nest in the first hanging planter.  Four little mouths to feed.  I bet those mothers welcome bedtime and a chance to rest.    Jolyn

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