Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was wrong!  And I'm glad.  yesterday I mentioned it would be a few days of drying before they could plant...they planted!!  Conditions are not ideal, but they are in the fields.  Last night we had a shower again, but hope with the strong wind today that they will soon be able to start.  One more good day of planting  left!!!!   

Road with Wayne as he ate his supper and planted.

In person...Grandpa Jelly Beans.  He got that nickname from the grandkids as he always keeps a supply of Jelly Bellys in the cupboard.  

Coming from the south towards our place.  Think I like quilting better than tractor driving.

Aw, here we are together.  I had a corner of the seat and the armrest to sit on and I didn't last more than one round and you know what was numb.  Wayne came home around 11 at night when Shawn took over.    Jolyn

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