Monday, June 27, 2011

Red Things

Last week Wayne went to a show at Albert Lea where all things were red.  The way I understand it, farmers either like and buy red or like and buy green.  We're pretty much red farmers.  They also like to go to shows that feature red or green. 

Line after line of red.

Now here's the good part...even quilts with red themes.

And how good is my husband that without me along he still went in a building with just quilts and took pictures for me!!

Even went where it looks like all women to take this picture to show me 'cause he thought I might know someone.  Yep--there's Carolyn and Diane from Calico Hutch.  I guess I need to look for more red tractors when I go to quilt shows.  Can't say I've noticed any in the past.    Jolyn

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