Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quilts are Born

We had a regular quilt factory going with Brandon and Taylor making 4-H quilts.  This is Taylor's (in the gold) first quilt and Brandon's third or fourth.  I like the kids to make an easy quilt for their first one so they don't get frustrated at how long it takes.  Brandon, on the other hand, I decided that he had to make a harder one.

They faithfully came and measured and sewed.

Brandon could do a lot of it without my assistance.

Brandon and I thought maybe Taylor's could have gone a little faster, but he had to consult his incoming messages.  I'm sure they were all about quilting...don't you think??

Here's Taylor's top all done!  It's now quilted and he needs to come over and do the hand work on the binding.  Both Brandon and I are telling him it's a "2 video" binding.  (That's how long we figure it will take to do it.)

Brandon with his "Fire Escape".  I've made three of these, but forgot to read the find print about....avoid directional fabric.  So I did a lot of ripping and Brandon did a lot of resewing to make those brown strips head the same direction.     Good job boys!!     Jolyn

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