Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Clean Mud

As a kid I liked to make mud pies, but I never invisioned something like this!  Each year our church youth have a Mud Volleyball tournament.   Teams are formed and they have a ball!   There were 3 courts and the players, as you can see, were right down in the sloppy mud.

Here's our fearless leader...Nick

Nick and our grandson, Bryce who was one of the refs.


Not sure who is on the left, but our Taylor is on the right.

And this is how "clean" people are included in the fun.

Don't you think this should have been sponsored by some detergent!  I think most mothers throw the clothes.

Lots of food to fuel the players!  What isn't shown are tents where they could shower with hot water.  You can kind of see them in the background of the next picture.  Somehow Tim had rigged up heaters to provide the hot water.  (But I noticed there was still a lot of mud in everyone's ears.)

After the mud bowl, the kids gathered around a campfire and a graduate, Ben shared his testimony.  They have until next year to get all the mud out of their ears.      Jolyn

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