Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Show and Tell

One of the inspiring things at a retreat is seeing the things that others have made.  Tracy is always a hit with her woolies!  This "Merry Christmas" ended up finding a new home at the Calico Hutch.  Be sure to go there and check it out!

One of the patterns I designed....Banana Split.

Now this took a little cutting....and sewing!

Mary made the mystery!  No triangles!  You can still get a kit know where!

Loved this one!  Look at all those nine-patches!

Katy found this pattern in a magazine.

A gal from Iowa made this.  I had seen it in a magazine...McCalls Quilting...but was not impressed until I saw it in person.

  One of the things that happened to me that wasn't captured by camera...for obvious reasons...was when I was leaving.  I use a cart and load as much stuff on it as possible.  After I left the shelter of the door...the wind caught me and tipped over a bag.  Under the bag were paper products that I had carefully and laboriously cut and would glue after I got home.  The wind took them and before I could react...they were gone.  I didn't dare to chase them as I needed to get the rest of the things on the cart safely in the van before the wind took them.  When I got back to retrieve them...they were out of sight and my chair cushion was about 1/2 block away.  I had to laugh...even if it was at my expense...somewhere someone found some of those pretty papers and must have wondered where they came from.  Guess it's too late to say...meeeee!!!

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