Tuesday, November 1, 2011


No, this was not his Halloween outfit (but it would have made a good one!).  It's his hunting gear.  No, that is not a hunting dog in front of him.  Trooper doesn't mind when guns are shot around the yard, but let the neighbors shoot a gun a half mile away and he turns into a wimp.  He is better now that he is loosing his hearing.  It's not good to have a large outside dog trying to crawl under the ironing board when he gets scared. 
So how was Halloweening at your house.  This year I learned...no candy.  All other years I faithfully buy bags of candy and each year....faithfully no one shows up....and faithfully I eat the candy.  I do miss that tradition.  My scale doesn't.   I do remember as a kid growing up in Iowa, it was such a big deal to go out trick and treating.  One year I came home with a potato in my bag amonst the treats.  That was disappointing...but I bet the person got a good laugh out of it. 
Weather is still holding and another beautiful day!  Wayne's chisel plowing and Shawn gets to haul liquid gold.

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