Friday, November 25, 2011

TheThanksgiving that was

My newest woolie to decorate for fall...just in time for Thanksgiving.  And speaking of Thanksgiving...we had a great time.  Our table was full...with food and family.  After eating...we shared things we were thankful for.  Seemed everyone was thankful for someone in the family.  Everyone brought food and it sure didn't seem like much work for me.  Clean up is so much easier with a dishwasher and I made sure I ran it earlier in the morning so it would be empty.  But there are always a few things...pots and pans that need to be washed.  So my sister-in-law was doing the honors when the hot water faucet broke off and began spewing water all over...up to the light above the sink....all over the counter...all over my sister-in-law....not just water but HOT and BLACK.  We tried to keep a towel over it to kind of control it, but it would get too hot and we'd have to let go.  Tried just throwing the towel over it...but it quickly blew that away.  So thankful this happened when Wayne was in the house and could run down and shut off the water.  If I had been home alone when it happened....but...this will make history in the Olson family as "remember the Thanksgiving the water blew!"    Jolyn
After everyone left...there was my dishwasher full of dirty dishes and no water to the kitchen.  So I had to wash and dry :( all those dishes.  That was accomlished by hauling water from the mud room to the kitchen.  Made me even more thankful for my dishwasher!

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