Saturday, November 5, 2011

A New Thing!!

When Jill and the boys were last home, she spent time working on mittens that she sells.  She takes wool sweaters and transforms them into beautiful (and very warm) wool mittens.  Here are a bunch in the process.  We started brainstorming about how there are kids in the school she works at that don't have warm winter clothing and decided that I could make fleece mittens for them.  Quite a new thing for my sewing machine!  Jill was up at 4am and myself at 5...our brains were already in gear.

Here's the beginning!

The first bunch for little girls.

And some of the second bunch for boys!   They are so much fun and will hopefully be a fun surprise to the kids getting them.  Sunday I and Tracy leave on a quilting retreat and I have two bags of mittens cut at least 5 other projects.  Some will probably just go along for the ride...but I was at one retreat where I ran out of projects and I make sure it never happens again!  Be a shame if I had to go shopping in the middle of the retreat!

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