Thursday, October 6, 2011

And the Rest

This is really a poor picture, but it was a special moment for us when a few of the former Agape Messengers sang some songs.  Back in the late 60's a youth revival took place in our area and after having their lives changed by accepting Jesus, the youth in our area started a weekly Bible study and then began putting on programs in local churches.  They branched out as far as South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.  One year they put on over 50 programs.  Wayne was their advisor for over 5 years.  Tim, to the left, commented that at that time he thought Wayne was sooo old but looking back he realized he was in his late 20's.  Wish we were that old now!  ...or at least our bodies!

It was fun to reminisce with old friends.

For our teens, we asked our first Youth Director to come back and share with the kids.  You can tell he and his wife are much loved by the turn out!  He is the adult in the green shirt front row.  The other adult is Tom Eggum, one of our speakers.

The Erdahl's

And good food.  We had Parker Oaks cater the two meals.  They were wonderful to work with.  The first meal was Saturday night and they wanted the final number on Saturday morning.  We had been talking back and forth so they had a pretty good idea, but their flexability sure made our jobs a lot easier. 
And then it was over....except for the clean  up.  It is amazing how everybody just pitches in.  Tent went down, chairs and tables went back to Frost,  floor was vacuumed, dishes got washed.  Just another part of the fellowship!

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