Monday, October 31, 2011

Company's Coming

Horse on the loose!  Here's Sammy checking out what I'm doing.  Wayne came in laughing one day.  Usually when he goes out to do chores, Sammy spots him and walk right beside him to get his favorite pellets.  But on this one particular morning...Sammy didn't show up.  It was still dark so Wayne took the pellets towards the east pen and then noticed Sammy in the west pen.  Wayne went over there into the pen.  Sammy would follow him until they would get to where the gate was supposed to be and stop.  To Sammy there was an imaginary gate and he would just not cross that line.  He did figure it out later...but it did give Wayne a good chuckle.

Tyler and Phoebe(isn't she just the cutest!)  came down from the cities with Bryce and helped surprise Shawn for his birthday party.  Before they came down, Tyler played in a football game against Macalester College.  Augies won! Next week they play at St Peter and I get to go!  Instead of yelling at the computor (the games have been on there)....I can yell in person!!   Blue Earth Bucs also won against St. James on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I like these day games....not quite so cold!  And to make the weekend complete...the Gophers beat some team from Iowa and the VIKINGS won!

Bryce and Brandon (not twins).  Brandon is doing his thumb exercises.

The birthday boy.

And all too soon it's time to go home.  From the left...Suzanne, Phoebe, Tyler, Wayne and Brandon.  So much fun to get together with family!  We are so blessed!

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