Monday, October 3, 2011

Dell's 150th Anniversary

After over a year of events and planning, the actual Anniversary was here.  Oct 2, 1861 was the signing of the first church organization.   Our two days were absolutely beautiful weather!  We were blessed in so many ways!!!

Tables were decorated!  A florist from Minneapolis...formally from the Frost area...whose great-great-grandfather built the first church...offered to decorate.  As we served three times...pie and ice cream, supper and Sunday noon banquet...he layered his decorations.  This was set up for the first event....the place mats were changed for the second.  For Sunday, the stenciled leaves were removed and underneath were white tablecloths and he added silk fall colored leaves and different colors for the place mats and napkins.  He also added brightly colored branches of leaves to some of the vases.  All those were live flowers and so beautiful!!  And....he let us take them home!   What a gift!

Our main speaker, Tom Eggum, takes little dresses to little girls in Africa.  So as a project a bunch of us made over 150 and the best part...we don't have to ship them as Tom took them with him!!!  We're not done with this project!!

Even outside the church was decorated.

The tent was up for the children's ministries.

Memorabilia tables were ready.

Even the bulletin board celebrated!  More to come....

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