Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The New Thing

And here we are!  I can tell you're excited!  I had seen on Jo's Country Junction blog that she was making Bread in a Jar and it intrigued me!  So yesterday I tried the pumpkin bread.  It was kind of messy getting the dough into the jars.  After they were done baking I boiled some lids and put them on and they sealed....except for the one that I had to eat...somebody had to sample them!  Story is that they will keep on the shelf for up to a year.  I'm not so trusty...I'm keeping mine in the garage refrigerator and I don't think they will last that long.  I want to check with the Extension office before putting them on the shelf.  Will I do it again...I think so...makes kind of a fun gift too. 

Sammie....looking innocent in spite of the turned over bird bath.  Wayne let him out yesterday as he's run out of grass in the pasture. He does make a better guard-dog than Trooper!

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  1. How about zucchini bread in a jar? I am going to look up this recipe.