Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Celebrating

We have decorators who make every nook and cranny festive.  The shelf above the coat rack served also served as a place to put Pastors and Youth Directors pictures.

Starting off the activities was the pie and ice cream social!  Being one who likes to have extra....I asked for waaaaaaaaaaay too many pies. So Kim, my sis-in-law came up with the brilliant idea to freeze them and use them this Saturday when we interview another Youth Director candidate.  (Think I might have to sneak down to church and have another piece....want to join me??)

And they came...Jill and Gina were catching up.

Paul (former Pastor) and Mary Jo with Vonnie and Carter.

Even this guest....Anita is training him to be a service dog.  He's a big ball of fluff!  I can see how he's matured since last summer. 

And here's one of our younger set.  The kids had so much fun that the carnival for them went longer than planned.  So many people gave of time and talents to make this such a great weekend for all ages.  More next post....

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