Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Wayne!!

Today Wayne turns as old as I am!  What a relief!  It's not easy being older than my husband.  Not that he would ever rib me about it.  Neither one of us feel like we're 70 years old, but the calender does not lie.  Almost every birthday since he turned 16, he's spent in the field. 

Last week the high winds turned the bean fields into a dust storm.  We were headed north with the wind behind us.  You can just barely see our building site in the upper right hand corner.  It was difficult seeing where we were in the field.

Here's the birthday boy.  Today he's in the corn fields having finished the beans yesterday.  Busy time around our neck of the woods.

I'm hoping you think I'm driving the combine.  Well, actually I am....but just from the end of the field over to the truck.  I was not combining. 

Here's Wayne unloading into the truck.  Getting the beans out is always a relief as they need such good weather conditions.  With the week of high winds and no rain, much of the crop was actually too dry.  Looks like the corn will be dry enough without having to run through the drier.  Time will tell. 

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