Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This looks good and tasted even better!  That meat was so tender it just fell apart and the gravy was none of that canned stuff!  Makes me want to jump in the van and head down there right now!  And yes...I ate the whole thing!!  I had to refrain from licking the plate.

Saw these cars in front of the theater where Six played.  During the show noticed that each guy wore a shirt the same color as his car!  And some people think women plan their wardrobes!!

During the backstage tour, Wayne was the model for the guide to demo a "quick-change".  I think Wayne could have played a part in the production!!  Maybe lose that collared shirt.

These were our tour guides.  They also played parts in the production, moved scenery around, helped with the animals (oh animals...this was "Noah".) So glad we went to this show and if you're heading down Branson way before Oct sure to see it!  it's worth the trip!

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